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Everything is Sacred You Make a Difference - Enlightenment Counseling and Support
I have been a student of enlightenment since the age of sixteen when I made the shocking discovery of a conditioned mind. (I am now 58 years of age.) I have a Degree in Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago and eight years of experience in spiritual guidance. I also have a lifelong study of spiritual works that include: J Krishnamurti, Adi Da, Ramana Maharshi, Alan Watts, Dr David R. Hawkins, Adyashanti, Thomas Merton, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilber, Buddha and Jesus Christ. 

After a year of reading and meditating at the age of seventeen, I experienced what many would call a near death experience. I was completely taken out of my body, known life and thinking capacity. I perceived everything around me from an absolute frame of reference in no relation to the human mind trapped in relativity. I would later see this was perhaps what is referred to as satchitananda. Such a door now opened, I was now guided in my spiritual practice and study. Back then I had no one to share my experiences or continued revelations with.

Surrender, openness, discussion and study are my path which also includes self-inquiry, meditation and yoga. Such a path has allowed a fluid consciousness to flourish. I am subject to many states(truth?) of awareness. I call some of these "All God" and "Open Ears". I do not control these states which can last hours, days or weeks for which I am profoundly grateful. I also, at times, duplicate the divine consciousness of others I come into contact with. I know we are all divine beings.


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