Everything is Sacred You Make a Difference - Kundalini Problems?
Everything is Sacred You Make a Difference - Enlightenment Counseling and Support
Many students of spirituality, regardless of their practice or orientation, may experience at one time or another, the symptoms of kundalini awakening. The symptoms can include: mental confusion, emotional mood swings, anxiety, burning, electrical rushes and feelings of energy moving throughout the body, grandiose and paranoid states, out-of-body experiences etc. Such experiences can come on suddenly and frighten family members and friends. The symptoms of kundalini can be every bit as dramatic and overwhelming as those of madness. Who do we talk to or seek help from when such experiences are so intense and so often incapacitating? The usual misunderstandings, rejection, psychiatric diagnosis etc. can be avoided. To explore how I may be of service, please contact me for a consultation and/or appointment.
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