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Being with Gregory
Gregory is like no other I have met on the path, he is bright and forthcoming, like an unstoppable ball of high-frequency energy - jet-powered by Love! He once traveled over a thousand miles by car within a space of just over a day, to meet with me in crisis, so this analogy is quite literally true – he seemed to fly his way. When I first met him in person, there was a flash of joy I cannot describe, except to say I was giddy with happiness as though greeting my best friend. His presence brought a deep relief and gratitude. I can always count on him to intuit or tap into the unknown and come out with some incredible insights. He does not operate mechanically in our conversations, as “one who knows” and neither does he have that persona; it’s very spontaneous and refreshing to my spirit to speak with him. In my experience with him, he is very good at interpreting layered meanings and subtleties in conversation – not as psychological analysis but as mutual recognition of irony, and there is delight in this. Often there is more truth in what is not spoken within our words, and the outer expression can be an amusing, and very frequently, paradoxical vehicle.
I consider him a dear friend and confidant who I can depend on to be there lovingly standing by and offering the truth beyond the status quo.
Maryam Almoayed
To sum you up in a brief statement cannot adequately describe what is felt! You are amazing! The first male I could totally trust, open up to, be supported by, and LOVED...for me! In ALL ways shapes and forms...you are purely Divinely magical...I love you!!! ME
Michele E.  Arizona
Gregory has been an inspiring, soul provoking companion on my path. Messages that arrive from him so often present truths in a fresh or reinforcing way, connecting so perfectly with my day's thoughts and events. I find Gregory to be an unusually diligent soul in his commitment to Enlightenment and to the path Home. He is very sensitive and giving to others, committed to generously sharing his spiritual discoveries for the benefit of all. His life has take a back seat to the Higher priority of his soul's journey. I have truly been positively impressed and affected by Gregory. His presence is a blessing.

Dianne Goffin

Greg exudes Joy, Openness and Love. 
Exploring consciousness with him is catalytic, creative and alot of fun. He is profoundly calming and supportive especially when the awakening process takes one into the unknown.

Karen Churchill 
Rode, England


When words aren't enough a kind, sensitive and intuitive heart can make all the difference along the path of life.
Gregory Burkett selflessly shares these gifts and imparts them with wisdom, unconditional love, compassion and light hearted joviality. 

Minocqua, Wisconsin
Over 30 years I have considered Greg to be my spiritual light house guiding me on my journey into my unknown. Throughout the years and great personal challenges, Greg remained consistent in his spiritual growth and in his sincere guidance of others. To this day, I trust in his genuine desire to help the sun shine on anyone who finds themselves in a dark corner of existence.
Mike K. 
Plainfield, Illinois
Watching your experiences for years I can attest to your spiritual growth.  Taking those experiences and walking in the realms of true consciousness you have become “one” or as they say in Eckankar- “reaching God Realization”.

 You take this and lovingly turn your attention to helping others.  This is the truest form of love.  I thank you for being part of my own growth experience and telling me that all is good. 
Lori Regni
Pelican Lake, Wisconsin
I met Gregory last May through a mutual friend on the internet. I had been having intense energy shifts and Kundalini energy manifestations that were preventing sleep and giving rise to severe anxiety symptoms. When this friend suggested that I contact Greg I hesitated. I was told he was a counsellor and had a degree in Psychology. I did not think someone with a Psychology orientation would be able to help me much with the spiritual issues and energy manifestations I was experiencing as these are not generally issues addressed in a counselling or Psychology program.  However I continued to have increasing difficulties  and so after two months I decided to contact him and see what would happen. 

What I found was a Being who immediately was able to relate to the experiences I was having, and did not make any kind of judgement about what was arising. When I went on his website I was shocked at his own story and experiences. Who would be more able to help me in my processing of various issues than someone who had already faced his own?
Eventually I spoke with Gregory every week on Skype. After speaking with him I always felt an energy shift, and issues surfaced and were ready to be let go of. He relates to me in the present moment as another human being, not as a therapist,  with a particular theoretical perspective, or agenda.  I have always felt like I am being heard. 

With Greg's support I felt I was ready to do what I had always wanted to do- a year long retreat. Through our discussions and sharing I have continued to pursue a retreat-like lifestyle.  Feeling safe to share any experiences, no matter how seemingly bizzare has led to my own acceptance of whatever may arise. It has led to a ripple effect in that I no longer fear what others may be going through and so I am more useful to others. 

Gregory is a loving, compassionate Being that has made his life a life of service to others.  To be connected with him is to open oneself to the infinite possibilities that may manifest through relating. With his great sense of humor even the most serious problems or issues become perceived as simply other experiences to be transmutted by Infinite Love. 

The relationship I have with Greg is one that continues to have a powerful effect, and a healing effect on every aspect of my life. Isn't this what we all want?

D. Williams

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