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Everything is Sacred You Make a Difference - Enlightenment Counseling and Support

I can serve as a guide toward awakening as you strive for true spiritual growth. As part of my spiritual practice I am offering no fee counseling services. Spiritual Enlightenment. It is the reason for this bodily life.  It is sought the world over but few attain it. How many books have you read? How many seminars/workshops have you attended?  Have you ever tried to contact an enlightened individual? As a matter of policy most do not personally respond. What if you could have actual conversations and interaction with such an individual?  

  •  Understand the mechanics of the ego and how it influences all of your perceptions.
  •  Replace belief systems with the direct experience of oneness with all of creation.
  •  Increase your energy as you feel That which is being all things.
  •  Discover the One Self of all beings thus releasing love and compassion.
  •  Enjoy each sacred moment as it arises.
  •  Surrender negative emotions and anxiety
  •  Realize That which is ultimately in control of all that is.

How much do you want to be enlightened?
A master and his student were sitting at the edge of an outdoor fountain one morning. It was then that the student asked the following question, "Master, how much should a person need to desire enlightenment to achieve it?" Well, the Master immediately grabbed the student by the shoulders and thrust his head into the water of the fountain. Soon after the student began to struggle and thrash. Upon loosing the last of his air, the Master lifted the student back up. Stunned and gasping for air, the student exclaimed, "Why did you do such a thing? I nearly drowned!" The Master replied, "That much".   

The elevator story The entrance into spiritual life can be seen as a wonderful trip to a beautiful multi-level hotel. When one arrives it is obvious that no expense has been spared in building and decorating the hotel. Red carpets line the way to the front desk and the staff are friendly and helpful. After being assigned a room, you head for the elevator. Anticipating the knowledge and wisdom you will receive on this trip, you press the button for the fifth floor. Then the floor drops out...    

"The miracle is not that God is alive as us. The miracle is that we are not always aware of this. To assume that one is only the ego or physical body in any given moment is to balance infinity on the head of a pin."                                    
Gregory W Burkett

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